Community Development Grants

The Vision

The Ashintosh Foundation is the charitable focus of the University of Queensland Medical Society. It acts to benefit the community through its work in health promotion, and through support of charitable endeavours undertaken by UQ medical students and alumni. This cohort of people is known to be driven and have many unique ideas on how to benefit the community. However, many lack the funding to turn such ideas into action. Ashintosh Innovation grants aim to address this by providing funding to UQ medical students and Alumni who have a novel idea or project that requires support.

About the Grants

The Innovation Grant program is an initiative of the Ashintosh Foundation which serves to give back to the medical student community by supporting students and alumni with a vision for a community project or initiative. Grants will be awarded throughout the year, with the number and amount awarded based on the quality and relevance of the application, at the discretion of the directors of The Ashintosh Foundation.  Applications for projects that will continue beyond the year, or require ongoing funding, are also welcomed and again will be considered, on a case-by-case basis, by the Board.

The focus of the funding will be for projects with potential for community benefit, with a particular focus on health. This does not preclude other applications, as all innovative project ideas are encouraged. Projects with a local (within Queensland) focus will be given priority. 


Applicants must be enrolled in the University of Queensland MBBS or MD program or be an alumnus of the UQ School of Medicine. 

Applicants must also be current or past members of the University of Queensland Medical Society.


  • Originality of the project
  • Community Benefit
  • Potential for success

Application Process   

Applicants are required to submit a written application outlining their proposal. Applicants will be notified within 2-4 weeks of the outcome of their application.


Any queries, please contact Annika Blackie (2018 UQMS Community Officer & Managing Director of Ashintosh Foundation) via our Contact Us form.

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