Ashintosh-QBI Summer Research Scholarship

The Ashintosh-QBI summer research project started in 2016 as a novel
program to engage medical students at UQ in the research of the Queensland Brain Institute.

QBI aims to discover the fundamental mechanisms regulating brain function in health and disease, in
particular understanding the brain circuitry underlying function. In collaborations with clinicians and
commercial partners, new discoveries are used as the basis to develop new therapeutic approaches
to ameliorate the effects of brain diseases such as dementia, schizophrenia, motor neuron disease
(MND), and anxiety and depression.

This program is unique at UQ in that it offers access to world-class researchers outside of the
traditional application processes. This means students are competing for spots specifically created
and reserved for medical students as well as receiving a financial stipend to support their study.

If you would like to be involved, check out the application guide for my info or contact

2018 applications close 31st August 2018


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